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Purchase digital editions of The Waking World trilogy on Amazon.
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Hopskotch and the Golden Cicada - paperback edition

The Waking World trilogy is self-published by the author, and is not currently available in book stores.


Paperback editions can be purchased via Amazon's Print On Demand service, which is currently only available via Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT & JP sites. Australian shoppers, be aware that due to recent policy changes relating to GST, Amazon will no longer ship to Australia for purchases made from the US or UK sites.

The Waking World, Book I: Hopskotch and the Golden Cicada
Book I
The Waking World, Book II: Hopskotch and the Hidden Tribe
Book II
The Waking World, Book III: Hopskotch and the Rising Sons
Book III

Please note that the above button links will jump you to Amazon US (paperback) and Amazon AU (Kindle). For international readers, please visit your local Amazon online store and search "Hopskotch".

Digital editions of the The Waking World trilogy are also available on other e-devices, including iPad and iPhone (search "Hopskotch" directly off the iBooks app).

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