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A world drained of colour.
A people robbed of hope.
A child with the power to unlock 
the gift of a fallen god.

Book covers - The Waking World trilogy

Year of Foundation: 836

Survivors of the cataclysmic war that destroyed the Delgardian Empire, the children of Broken Meadow live in a world smaller by far, encircled by a fog barrier maintained by an ancient magic. 


But the walls protecting them are closing in. The colours are fading, their skies shrouded by permanent cloud. The few pray in vain to the Absent God. The many can no longer see the danger.


And yet there is one who does – Hopskotch Pestle, a child of eleven summers whose dreams conjure visions of the Broken Meadow that should be. 


Burdened with the knowledge, Hopskotch is driven to return with something special from the annual cicada hunt – a creature of legend with the power to undo the spell binding the lands and minds of Sylt.

For this hunt falls on the cusp of a very special anniversary: the thirteen-year birth cycle of the Golden Duke.





"Martin Vine has created a totally original fantasy world which is completely believable and entirely enchanting. His characters are beautifully developed as they progress through their adventures. Very suitable for younger readers and recommended to all fantasy fiction readers."

Jennifer Morton - Mar 2018 (Amazon)


"A great book set in a richly imagined fantasy world full of magic, history and great characters. Although fantasy, Hopskotch's world has so much depth that it feels both real and familiar while still feeling new and amazing. Both myself and my two sons love these books and highly recommend Hopskotch and his adventures to readers of all ages."

czammit - Nov 2017 (Amazon)

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